Growing Beyond Our Genetics:

Adolescence And Beyond

"Growing Beyond Our Genetics: Adolescence & Beyond" is a Faith-based Guide for Parenting Adolescents and the Reparenting of One's Self. An essential tool for pastors, chaplains, counselors, parents of teens, and individuals seeking to understand and resolve their own adolescent wounds.

Adolescence is a troubling, mystifying period of life; a developmental stage commencing around thirteen and continuing until one reaches adulthood, around age twenty-six. It is a season of life during which we leave childhood and journey towards maturity, a time during which we acquire many of our life-management skills: some positive and effective, others rather dysfunctional and ineffective. Adoloescence is a stretch during which we may experience positive parental guidance or profound abuse, either of which will impact every significant relationship we develop, as well as our own parenting skills.

Inheritence vs. Environment
Have you ever wondered about the effect genetics has on the development of personhood, personality, aptitudes, attitudes, characteristics and behavor? This volume examines the life-span development challenges, tasks and potential pitfalls of adolescence; the effect of genetics vs. environment; the etiology (causitive origins) of Misogynists (men who hate and fear women), Misandrists (women who hate and fear men), Misogamists (persons who hate and fear marriage), and Misandrists (persons who disdain the human race).

Moving on from this beginning, this course scrutinizes the impact one's family lineage has on the development of beliefs, misbeliefs, life-commandments, attitudes and values. The manual employs a Family Time Line and Family Genogram (or Family Map) to illustrate the impact of genetics, and shows students how to develop one on their own family.

Armed with an understanding of the effect of genetics, the course then examines the possibilities and probabilities for change, employing the Serenity Prayer in learning to "accept the things we cannot change, (having) courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference."

In closing, the course introduces a study of the Christian "new birth" which in the original Greek language, means to be "re-gened," demonstrating through biblical and scientific reference, the enormity of change possible to those who just believe. References from Eastern philosophy, Native American tradition, the Bible and Science demonstrate the universality of the belief in and reality of meta-change and quantum-healing.

Course Outline
I. Introduction
1. Individuation & Self-identity
2. Healing Father-Daughter Wounds
3. Healing Mother-Son Wounds
4. Healing Same-sex Child-parent Wounds
5. The Remaking of Misogynists, Misandrists, Misogamists & Misanthropists
6. Creating a Family Time Line
7. Discovering My Origins [Creating a Family Genogram]
8. Walk in My Soul [Embracing My True Identity]
9. Meta-Change & Quantum-Healing

Course Author: James V. Potter, Ph. D.

Dr. Potter has served as a faculty or adjunct faculty member of several external study colleges and universities. He is a leader in online counseling, distance learning instruction, and student mentoring. Dr. Potter is a member of the World Association of Online Educators, President of Jubilee Enterprises, and CEO of AFS Family Skills Institute and AFS Publishing Company. Dr. Potter and his wife, Paula, are certified clinical pastoral counselors, operating community-based, Christian counseling centers in Hawaii and California for over two decades. They have specialized in the counseling of families at-risk, addicts, substance abusers and addicts, and criminal-justice offenders, and counseling perpetrators victims of family abuse and violence.
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