Soul Care & Psychospiritual Counseling:
An Introduction to Pastoral Care
God's Plan for the Care, Cure and Transformation of Man's Soul
An Introduction to Pastoral Care Employing Integrative Therapies

Soul Care & Psychospiritual Counseling is an essential tool for pastors, chaplains, counselors, churches and individuals desiring to provide effective Christian Counseling.

This volume provides a much needed, long overdue, introduction to Pastoral Care and Pastoral Counseling, employing an integrative (psychospiritual) therapeutic approach: integrating the disciplines of theology and psychology in the practice of pastoral care.

Soul Care & Psychospiritual Therapies examines the history of soul care; the differences between Biblical and secular (or psychological) soul care; reviews a number of integrative therapeutic approaches; and, provides a unique, integrative approach that incorporates sound psychotheraapeutic techniques within a Biblical counseling framework, providing abundant Scriptural support for the techniques thus incorporated.

Chapter Outline:
I. Introduction
II. Prologue
1: Soul Care: A Biblical View - Part 1 [Creation to the Cross]
Primeval Soul Care
Soul Care Archtypes
* Patriarchal Soul Care - Fatherhood
* Bondage - Law, Priests, Prophets and JUdges
* The Christ - Sonship
Man's Degeneration: The Knowledge of Good & Evil
Soul Care & The Psyche
Depravity: Man Minus Soul Care
Hope: Redemption, Restoration & Renewal

2. Soul Care: A Biblical View - Part 2 [The Spirit and The Bride]
Changing of the Guard: Passing the Baton
It is Finished
The Paraclete Has Come
* The Adoption: Spiritual Renewal
* The Spirit & The Bride
* The Incarnate Counselor
* The Inspirate One
* The Bride of Christ: Soul Care & The Church
* The Paracletic Ministry
* Summary

3. Soul Care: A Psychological View
Psychoanalytic Theory
Christ-centered Theory
* Behavioral Theory
* Cognitive-Behavioral Theory
* Reality Therapy Theory
* Cognitive Therapy Theory
* Existential Psychology & Psychotherapy
* Systems Theory
* Integrity Theory

4. The Sacred vs. The Secular
Segregation vs. Integration Overview
The Case for Segregation
The Case for Integration
Integration Models
* Pshchoanalytic Therapy
* Client-centered Therapy
* Behavioral Therapy
* Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
* Reality Therapy
* Existentialism
* Cognitive Therapy
* Systems Therapy
* Integrity Therapy

5. Integrated Soul Care Therapies
An Overview of Integrative Therapies
Integrative Models
* Actualizing Therapy
* Spirituotherapy
* Truth-Therapy
* The Divine Plumbline
* Psychospiritual Therapy
* Creation (or Temperament) Therapy
* Christian Existential Psychology
* Family Therapy

6. Triparte Soul Care
A Model for Pastoral Care/Counseling
Triparte Soul Care Defined
The Model
Divine Soul Care Typologies
* Fatherhood
* Laws, Priests, Prophets and Judges
* Sonship
* Inspiration
* Oneness - spiritual marriage
* A Collective Typology

7. Case Studies

8. Contemporary Soul Care
A Plan for Counseling in the Local Church
Restoring the Office of Pastoral Counselor
Counseling: Ministry or Profession?
A Three Level Model
Counselor Selection & Training
Psychological vs. Pastoral Soul Care
* The Psychological Model
* The Pastoral Model
A Fivefold Plan for Counseling Ministries
* Level 1 - The Pastor (Shepherd)
* Level 2 - The Professional Counselor
* Level 3 - The Para-counselor
* Level 4 - The Lay Counselor
* Level 5 - The Peer Counselor

9. Counseling in the Local Church
An implementation & Operation Plan
Implementation Plan
Implementation Team
* Vision
* Training
* Clinical Counseling
* Seminars & Workshops
* Mercy Ministries
* Organizational Structure & Finances

III. Epilogue

Course Author: James V. Potter, Ph. D.
Dr. Potter has served as a faculty or adjunct faculty member of several external study colleges and universities. He is a leader in online counseling, distance learning instruction, and student mentoring.
Dr. Potter is a member of the World Association of Online Educators, President of Jubilee Enterprises, and CEO of AFS Family Skills Institute and AFS Publishing Company.
Dr. Potter and his wife, Paula, are certified clinical pastoral counselors, operating community-based, Christian counseling centers in Hawaii and California for over two decades. They have specialized in the counseling of families at-risk, addicts, substance abusers and addicts, and criminal-justice offenders, and counseling perpetrators victims of family abuse and violence.